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MODEL No.NJR4265 series K-band Doppler Sensing Devices

Motion sensor based on 24GHz microwave oppler effect technologies
Antenna, RF circuit, IF amp, MCU and Voltage Regulator are integrated in one small package
Signal processing software for the steady sensing
PC/MCU Communication is available by UART interface and also stand alone operation available
Compliance with EC Directive (CE Marking) and FCC Certification
Model No. Center Frequency Output Power Operating Voltage Region
NJR4265J1 24.05 to 24.25 GHz 14 dBm E.I.R.P. +3/+3.3/+5 V Japan
NJR4265RF1C1 24.05 to 24.25 GHz EU except specific regions
NJR4265RF2C1 24.15 to 24.25 GHz All of EU resions
NJR4265RF3C1 24.075 to 24.175 GHz United States
*The detailed specifications and outline drawing are included in the PDF file.