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About NJRC - the Microwave Components manufacturer

  • History - 50 years celebration
  • NJRC has been kept their position as the leading manufacturer of Microwave Components in the market - worldwide for many years as of today, and celebrates their 50 years in 2009.
  • Scale of NJRC
  • NJRC has been manufacturing more than millions of the Microwave Components a year.
  • Country of origin
  • All of the NJRC Microwave Components supplied are of JAPAN origin.

Q & A - Sales

  • Do you have some models in stock?
  • Yes, we have most standard models in stock.
  • Can you arrange a drop-shipment (end-user shipment) for us?
  • Yes, we can arrange it for you.
  • Can you manufacture a customized product?
  • Yes, we can consider manufacturing a customized product for you depending on what specifications and business plan of such product, are requested.

Q & A - Products

  • What is the General Caution of your Products?
  • Click here, please.
  • What products line-up do you manufacture and supply?
  • We have C-band BUCs, LNA /LNBs, Ku-band BUCs, LNBs & detection devices for security application, etc.
  • Are your products on RoHS compliance?
  • Yes, all our BUCs and LNBs, etc are on the RoHS compliance.
  • What is your Warranty period and RMA policy?
  • Please contact.
  • Can you provide test data?
  • Yes, we provide the data such as ...
    - for BUCs: Output Power (P1dB), Linear Gain, DC consumption, etc.
    - for LNBs: Noise Figure (or Noise Temperature), Linear Gain, DC Current, etc.
    Please contact.
  • Can you provide MTBF figures of your products?
  • Yes, we provide you with MTBF of each product. Please contact.